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What is Legislative Advocacy?

Simply put, legislative advocacy can be described as efforts to influence the introduction, enactment and/or modification of legislation. Generally, legislative advocacy takes the form of direct lobbying, which involves contacting a legislator, sharing your views on an issue and requesting that lawmaker to vote a particular way on a legislative proposal. This can be accomplished in one of three ways…via phone, letter or an official meeting with a legislator.

Why Choose Us for Your Legislative Advocacy Needs?

At John J. Millner and Associates, we offer legislative advocacy lobbying services for clients seeking representation before Illinois state government. Our professionals can assist you on a singular issue or help you establish a long-term footprint in Springfield to continually voice your interests and concerns.

We bring our clients together with policymakers  to develop and author new bills or when revising or removing existing legislation. Our professionals will lead you through the legislative process, including identifying sponsors to introduce your bill, testifying on your behalf in committee meetings and overseeing your legislation as it moves through both floors of the Illinois General Assembly.By providing ongoing, active representation, John J. Millner and Associates has built a track-record of successfully advancing our clients’ policy goals.

Our legislative advocacy services include:

  • Drafting or assisting with the drafting of bills
  • Identifying legislators for bill sponsorship
  • Gathering support for our client’s position on bill in committee and on the Senate and House floor
  • Testifying on your behalf in hearings
  • Attending board meetings and representing you at meetings, conferences and other outside events
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